The Womanizer



Product Details

Length: 6.00 Inches
Width: 2.00 Inches
Feature: As Seen on Oprah , Mfg Warranty Included , Multi-Speed , Multi-Vibration , Phthalate Free , Powerful , Rechargeable 
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic , Silicone Function: Pulsates , Vibrates 
Power: Rechargeable USB
Brand: Womanizer
Manufacturer: Epi24 Usa, Llc
UPC: 703255205076
Weight: 12.8 Ounces

Product Description

The Womanizer is a real revolution in the world of novelty sex toys. Ladies, when was the last time you picked up a product that actually promised you an amazing orgasm? The Womanizer not only does this, but is so sure of itself that it calls it the ultimate super-orgasm! 

The technology in the Womanizer allows for the first time, an all-encompassing experience of direct clitoral stimulation. With a mixture of powerful vibrations coupled with a light suction sensation, the effect of these two working together leads to an experience of pleasure that is unique, extremely satisfying yet not overpowering. 

Previously experienced orgasms for many women have been based on the type and strength of the vibrator which for the most part have all produced the same style of stimulation. For many women, the Womanizer offers an absolute new sensational orgasm. 

How does the stimulation work? The Womanizer’s working principle is the direct stimulation of the area around the clitoris using vibration and suction. The pleasure cap is placed over the clitoris, making a delicate seal around it. This creates a slight suction to tease and stimulate the clitoris via microprocessor-controlled pressure waves. The final effect is a sparkling new feeling of pleasure crowned by intense orgasms. Most women have reported multiple intense orgasms! 

Additional Information 

Material: ABS plastic phthalate free
Material stimulation head hypoallergenic medical silicone
Size: 160 x 50 mm e or approximately 6.29 inches by 1.96 inches
Weight: 150 g e or approximately 5.29 ounces
Advanced rechargeable lithium-ion batteryIncludes womanizer, zipper box, spare head, USB charging cable and operating manual
Color: Blue/Crocodile

Happy Days!

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