Black Rose Sultry Spanker



Product Description

Black Rose Sultry Spanker spank your lover’s naughty bottom into submission. The Sultry Spanker is a sturdy, dual textured paddle with a touch of luxury. The back side is pure smooth realistic leather for a stingy smack, while the front has a paddle purple panel for those who prefer a thudding sensation. The braided cord wrist strap features the signature black rose detail. Features: dual textured paddle. Braided wrist strap with black rose detail. Realistic leather; cruelty-free. Perfect for beginners or BDSM aficionados. Purple and Black. Wipe to clean. Dimensions total length 13 inches, width 3.5 inches. Black Rose Sultry Spanker from Doc Johnson Novelties The Great American Toy Company.

Black Rose Sultry Spanker

Happy Days!

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