F-Machine 110V Sex Machine



F-machine, the world’s number one fucking machines, sex machines accessories and sex toys. Full stroke New from the manufacturer: front view of the new and improved power supply. High quality motor connector. Allows the complete disconnection of the power supply from the machine). Power switch with functioning LED. Anti-tamper sticker under which is the 110/240 volt switch. New cable gripper for the remote control. This allows the easy disconnection of the remote control from the circuit board should there be an issue with the remote control e.g. damaged cable. New crank newly design quick change crank. the thrust depth can now be changed in a spilt second & with one hand. Simply turn the adjust knob 1/4 of a turn to unlock the crank, slide to desired position the lock. You can also see the new twin bolt pinch clamp fixing which means no more loose cranks or damaged grub screws. New warning sticker warning consumers of the potential danger of the moving parts. Adjuster knobs now have smoother profile, more comfortable to use, and the grub screw is larger for added strength. Power supply reverse information sticker with all details for voltages and power, also includes the serial number for full traceability. There is a separate serial number for each machine. Power supply with remote shows how the power supply is supplied, connected to the remote control. Machine reverse new more powerful 90 degree motor with quality 2 pin metal connector. Connects to power supply with locking ring. Motor is now powder coated for improved durability and finish new injection molded leg clamps. 

The f-machine pro is the flagship fucking machine. This sex machine is extremely powerful and versatile featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions, click here to see a cheeky f-machine pro getting up to no good. f-machine pro features a 60 watt industrial specifications motor with a mind blowing top speed of 240 revolutions per minutes/rpm. Despite its enormous power and speed, it is virtually silent. 

Key features: 60 watt 24v hi torque motor silent operation. Soft start speed controller motor starts safely and slowly. 0-240 rpm speed control. 6-position quick change crank arm 1 to 6 inches. Annotated hand held remote control. Virtually silent slider mechanism, even at full speed. Adjustable thrust rod length. Clear plastic slider guard. Adjustable leg height for various thrust angles. All major components cnc machined from aircraft alloy. Power supply 100-110 volt 50-60 hz. Weight 22.0423 pounds bulk / 25.354 pounds packaged, height 18.1102 inches by 21.2598 inches long by 12.4016 inches wide approximately US standard measurements. Machine version 2 all components connected together ready for action shown with UK plug. USA supplied machines are set to 110V with USA cable. Sold only to Williams Trading Company in the USA. Sole distributor. UK machines available from us are all set to 240v supplied with UK plug. From the manufacturer: simple to change the voltage via the external switch and change the cable. Shipped with US electric connector. Please note no attachments are included with the f-machine. All Doc Johnson Novelties Vac-U-Lock attachments work with this machine Sold separately.

Width : 21 inches


F-Machine 110V Sex Machine

Happy Days!

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