Bubble Love Pleasure Jet Massager



Bath time will never be the same. It is your personal pleasure jet! Bubble Love delivers millions of bubble at exactly the right spot. Bubble Love uses a submersed portable hydro jet with water and air delivery for non-mechanical massage. A hose driven, handheld, water only spray simply can not compete with Bubble Love’s water and air combination. The mechanical vibration generated by traditional vibrators effect stimulation by direct skin contact. Repetitive sessions should never be uncomfortable with Bubble Love as they can be with traditional mechanical stimulation, For extra stimulation in a deep tub, simply squeeze the silicone air tube to create a pulsing sensation like nothing else you have felt before! The Bubble Love unit is fully adjustable with a handle mounted air control dial. Included is a suction cup joystick for tub floor mounting and the lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides power for the unit. 

Bubble Love dimensions: 6.9 inches length by 3.6 inches width by 6.9 inches height. Bulk weight 2 pounds. The Bubble Love comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Shown with the dilly attachment, not included. Sold separately. Bubble Love features: heart shaped mounting socket located below the hydro jet allows for dual stimulation with the optional Dilly attachment. Sold separately. Suction cup mount for hands free and joystick-like action. Can be operated in water depths of 6 inches to 28 inches with floating air intake tube (deep water float included.) 

Unique recharging system for discreet charge. Lithium ion rechargeable battery technology for dependable operation. Environmentally friendly full charge allows for one hour plus run time. On/off switch includes charge indicator. The most compact powerful and ergonomic portable personal massage product that is fully submersible. Please note shown with mirror and pink towel, not included.

Width : 3.60 inches


Bubble Love Pleasure Jet Massager

Happy Days!

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