Double Stroke 2 Reversible Masturbation Sleeves



Do the Double Stroke for double the pleasure.
Double Stroke is double textured design is ingenious.
You get 2 girls for the price of one!
The first texture is ribbed to magnify the stroking sensation.
Flip the Double Stroke inside out and you will be massaged with the pressure point texture.
Soft and supple is the best way to describe the feeling of Double Stroke.
Squeeze to tighten and heighten the feel of Double Stroke as it engulfs your shaft.
Specifications: snug fit.
2 unique textures.
Thermoplastic Rubber TPR phthalate free, and latex free.
Length 5 inches.
Width 2.5 inches.
Circumference 6 inches.
Product weight without package 5.8 ounces.

Width : 2.50 inches

Happy Days!

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